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Stained Glass: Why is restoration necessary?

I have come to understand over the years that stained glass has an immense influence on the sense of awe and prayer. The world inside the stained glass or walls of the church is a different place. The windows are like the gates of heaven on earth. Outside we can see that there is something important there, but cannot see inside. Inside we see the full splendor and sense of the space in which we have entered. Outside the light is stark and white, but inside it is transformed into colors unseen and a new warmth enters our hearts.

Whether Jacksonville Art Glass is restoring an old window in Illinois or creating a new window in Missouri, we understand that these windows become like an old familiar prayer. Like the prayer, these windows are passed from generation to generation establishing a powerful link to all who will, or who have entered this great space.

Jacksonville Art Glass of Illinois recognizes this powerful emotion and takes that care seriously. The stained glass must be restored or created in the light of first, the connection to God and secondly, the connection to each generation.

Understanding the powerful connection of stained glass to God, we constantly push to the excellence that it requires. It is why the stained glass studio here in Illinois sought the validation of our peers by becoming fully accredited with the Stained Glass Association of America and why we are members of so many conservator associations.

This security in knowing that Jacksonville Art Glass in Illinois has ranked in this highest accreditation helps our customers too. We, as a stained glass studio in Illinois, need to educate our customer to the demands of this craft and assure them that we are recognized in the stained glass industry with the proper qualifications to handle their beautiful art. Only then, can we be entrusted with these gates of heaven on earth.

President of Jacksonville Art Glass,
John Krol